Making Strategy and Execution a single word.

Stratecution (verb) stra-te-CUU-shun

Definition: The act of implementing ProductOEM. A framework designed for leaders across all industries seeking to create cohesion between their strategy and execution in a way that achieves adapability at a lower cost without introducing complexity.

Common usage: Our team decided to stratecute our delivery approach which meant we never lost customer focus as we scaled up.

Synonyms: simplification at scale, achieving purpose, organisational agility.


Drawing on years of large-scale technical product delivery experience, these proven methods can successfully apply to non-technical product and service delivery too.


The Operating Model includes the essential building blocks every organisation must consider for its delivery structure, often overlooked in other training courses.


Clearly structured and supported engagement practises and communcation channels bring clarity, innovation, trust and quality.


Your context and goals are specific, but the tools, templates and framework principles work for all.

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Breaking down challenges that at times felt very hard to solve for our team, and creating spaces and conversations to find viable solutions and experiment different, complementary approaches is how this approach helped us

Giulia Mandelli

Product Director

Is ProductOEM Right for You?

ProductOEM is a comprehensive framework that helps leaders see their organisation holistically, recognise the interconnections, and provides practical direction on how to affect change. As a result it can be used in a number of scenarios.

The company functions brilliantly when it's smaller, but now it's in a period of growth and needs to find ways to scale that means it doesn't fall into a trap of creating more silos, causing teams to feel disconnected and adding complexity to delivery.

Perhaps your company has been growing organically over time, with changes in strategic direction. What you now have are cumbersome processes that don't seem to serve anyones interests. You need simpler ways to get things done. 

Perhaps the structure of your product and/or services no longer make sense, you need to revise and reset your goals and shape the organisation accordingly. 

We see this time and again, where there is a notable hand-off between the two worlds of Business and Technology. Sometimes bridging the gap isn't enough, they need to be part of the same system. Not only do they need an environment in which to collaborate but also one where they can co-create.

You are a leader with great ideas for new products, services, customer channels, or even just a fresh way of doing things. You need to get your organisational ducks in a row, in a practical efficient manner, so nothing is compromised. 

I have amazing talent in my company. I have sent them on agile, project management and product training, but I want to support them in their growth as they become leaders themselves and need to think more systemically and organisationally. I need a course that combines all the best thinking from the disciplines of agility, behavioural science, coaching and product thinking, and teaches it in a way that they can practically appy it.


Starting-up, especially in regulated enviornments which provide a structure, can give the impression that all bases are covered, but then the teething problems arise, usually symptoms of the issue that we haven't put enough thought into how we will operate and communicate.

Many agile transformations are frustrated because of a misalignment to other parts of the organisation, which limits it's impact. The agile ways of working need to be housed in an operating model that helps them to flourish. 



What's Next?

You have decide POEM might be for you, here are your options to take the next step on your journey

Certified POEM Training

Learn the core of POEM through one of our certified training partners.

Core Training

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POEM+ Training

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POEM+ Training

From Talent Managent to Product Structures POEM+ training builds on the fundementals.


The fastest route to a good Operating and Engagement model, is by engaging accredited experts to get deep into your context and tailor the right approach with you.



Speaker Events

Discover where you can hear from our co-founders or how to book them for your events.

Agile Framework Agnostic

This is not yet another agile scaling framework.

This is an Agile-Powered Operating & Engagement Model.

Agile Can Work, Just Not The Way It Was Sold

We get agile, that's why we don't talk about it

What we talk about is what makes agile work in your context

POEM subject matter

ProductOEM addresses real world problems that, for many, seem hard to solve. It does it by focusing on key areas. Here are some examples of topics covered.


What Is Your Product?


Organisational metrics & OKRs


Blurry Vision & Purpose?


Organisational Operating Model


Invest in people & teams


Engagement & Comms


Meet Our Co-Founders

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