POEM+ training

Dig deeper.

Many people feel that a 2-day overview of Operating and Engagement Models is sufficient to cover the basics, but sometimes this also leaves them eager to learn more.

This is why we have created a series of single-day focused training that can be taken as stand-alone modules, or as part of a learning journey.

Product & Service Set

Courses suitable for all levels of experience and seniority to cover strategic outlook through to the day-to-day mangement of your products and/or services.

Tools & Techniques

Core POEM will introduce you to a number of techiques we think are great. If you'd like to become more proficient in them, we have specialised course.

Organisation Set

Perhaps you want to focus in one certain areas of the Operating Model such as Talent& People or Evidence & Metrics. We have bespoke courses to cover you.

a feature team working on an impact map

Courses available:

Product Ownership | Product Creation | Product/Service Leadership | Product Coaching | Into to Agile | Systems/Interconnections training | Impact Mapping | Metrics setting (inc OKRs) | Coaching and Investigation toolset | Vision & Purpose setting | Communication & Engagement strategies | Communities set-ups.