ProductOEM certified core training

2 day hands-on practical approach

The course provides a suite of proven techniques expertly woven together using discoveries from product agility, behavioural science and coaching. It aims to help the leaders understand the interconnectedness of their org.

At the end of the course attendees with have greater clarity around the aims of their own product, services and organisation and be ablle to construct realistic options for how to (re)shape their delivery model. 

Industry Content

Most of day 1 will be focused on learning the fundementals around good organisation design, the utility of systemic thinking and operating model elements.

Tools & Techniques

Throughout the course you will be introduced to useful methods that have worked successfully for other organisations and other industries, that might inspire you.


Day 2 is more interactive, where we will take real scenarios and see what happens when we change certain organisational parameters to understand the importance of engagement models.

pair of team members working on a systems thinking diagram

Course content:

Organisational design | Operating models | Engagement models | Systems thinking | Vision, Purpose, Goals | Product & Service Definition | Agile scaling framework compatability | Metrics & OKRs | Talent & People | Strategic Roadmaps